same sexGay Wedding Etiquette

While there has been wedding etiquette in place for decades for traditional wedding, there has not been any wedding etiquette for gay weddings until recently. What you do at your wedding can contribute to a new wedding etiquette for gay weddings that is emerging.

Who Pays for the Wedding?

With a traditional wedding, etiquette has it that the bride’s family takes care of the wedding expense while the family of the groom takes care of the honeymoon expenses. However, that doesn’t always necessarily hold true in modern society since many heterosexual couples are paying for their own wedding and honeymoon expenses. The same pretty much holds true when it comes to gay couples. Many gay couples are taking care of their own wedding and honeymoon expenses with the help of family and close friends.

Who Walks Down the Aisle?

In a traditional wedding setting, the bride walks down the aisle with her father. However, same sex couples have a few alternatives they can decide on. First, when gay couples are getting married, they can both walk down the aisle with their respective fathers (or another family member). Also, one person can wait at the altar while the other walks down the aisle with their father or mother. The couple can also choose to walk down the aisle together or separately. The choice is pretty much left up to the couple getting married.

How Do Wedding Vows Work?

When it comes to wedding vows, gay couples still have the option of writing their own wedding vows just like a traditional couple does. Wedding vows are an expression of the celebration as well as your commitment to each other. The only difference will be when the person who is officiating the wedding is
reading the vows. The officiate will have to change the wording around a bit with gay couples. For instance, instead of using husband and wife, they may choose wording such as partners for life.

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