Wedding CakeThe wedding cake is the centerpiece of your wedding and cutting it is one of the most amazing moments on your wedding day. Therefore choosing your wedding cake is one of the most important tasks in the wedding planning process as it gives you and your wedding planner the opportunity to exercise our creativity in terms of the wedding shape, flavour, texture and most importantly the design which is where your wedding planner has a lot of input by helping the caterer create a cake that is a beautiful masterpiece.

In other words the wedding planner is the architect and the caterer the builder which is why the wedding planner plays a crucial role. The design of the cake can be traditional recessed stacked circular layers or it can be playful, romantic, fun or serious

There are several aspects that the couples should take into consideration before deciding on a wedding cake. Couples should think about the following: budget, design, size, style, taste and most importantly choosing a reputable bakery. Like any other couple you want the cake to look luxurious and taste exquisite which is why a hiring a wedding planner is vital to find and create a cake that emits elegance and luxury in a every aspect and keep costs within budget. However at the end it will be unique and incorporate the couple’s creativity.

If you need help with any aspect of your wedding, then organise a complimentary consultation.

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